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Ibero Academy´s unique approach to education cultivates in its pupils a love of knowledge and respect for others, allowing innate talent to flourish.

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Some twenty one years ago we became aware of the need for a truly international school. We were born of an observation that we live in a region where different cultures meet, where globalizing and integrating tendencies exert great force.
We predicted that these tendencies would continue and grow, and that the flourishing of our community depended in large part on future generations being better equipped than the last.

Our schools were born out of a desire to prepare new generations of youths for life in such an environment, where multiple languages and intelligences are cultivated, without sacrificing one, where cultures are shared, where understanding is aided by cutting edge technology.

Colegio Ibero campus Cd. Juarez was founded in 1990 by Adriana H. Munoz and Laura Elena Holguin. The initial objective was to bring bilingual education of the highest caliber to Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. We started out in a small rented space where we offered kindergarten and daycare services to our first 12 students, a number that by the end of the first year had grown to 50.

By the year 2002 this building was again too small. Our school moved to its current location in Campos Eliseos. Today, our main campus has an extension of 16,000 square meters, the building is equipped with a state of the art refrigeration system, closed circuit security systems, guarded entry gates with sentry stations, and a smart card system that allows access only to parents, students, and employees.

Students can delight in a modern structure with over 20 classrooms in addition to science, music and computer laboratories, a cafeteria, ample green spaces, a soccer field, a Tae-Kwon-Do dojo, basketball courts, a gym and garden areas.

Our student body is composed of students of many different faiths; we are united by our striving for a more perfect life. We have found that multi-faith and multi-cultural interactions enrich the lives our students, thus we are happy to welcome students of any faith.

What does this philosophy entail?

That students receive a moral education.
That in our academy, as well as in your home, we work as a team at each phase of the student’s development.

That Ibero Academy do its part to foster in each student a respect for God and for universal ethical and moral standards, which will lead the student to respect his parents, teachers, and others in our society.

That Ibero Academy emphasize the importance of caring for our body as the temple of God. To this end we promote physical education and the practice of competitive sports.

Are there any religious studies?

Students at Ibero Academy have the option to attend weekly classes in religious studies as a Clubhouse activity in the afternoon. During the third grade, these students begin to prepare for their First Communion.

What expectations does Ibero Academy have?

Ibero Academy wishes to be a part in the development of well rounded individuals of great moral and academic integrity. We expect the following from our students and parents:

» That they respect the need for spiritual and moral education.

» That they show respect to figures of authority with the academy.

» That they be loyal to Ibero Academy, our administration, and our staff.

» That they conduct themselves with dignity and integrity outside the academy.

» That they commit themselves to academic excellence.

» That they do their utmost to support planned activities with the academy.

» That they arrive in class punctually every day.

» That they avoid scheduling vacations during scheduled class days.

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    Happy Thanksgiving! School will be closed November 20-26, classes resume on Monday, November 27, 2017. Wishing you all the best of this season! May you enjoy it with your family and close friends....

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    On Friday September 15th we will celebrate Mexico´s Independence Day. Parents are invited to have lunch at school with our students. Please place your order and pay in advance.

    We look forward to seeing you at our Fiesta Mexicana!!!

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    Tomorrow Wednesday September 6th at 6:00 pm. Daycare will be available, please be punctual 📚🍎🕕....

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    Mr. Navarro received his Bachelor’s in International Business from New Mexico State University. He is a Toastmasters International member, a Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor, he has been married for 19 years and he is a father of two boys and one sweet young girl.
    Please save the date for this special event and help us to welcome Mr. Gustavo Navarro to Ibero Academy.
    Note: We will have daycare available at no cost.
    #WeAreIbero #21CenturyEducation

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    It’s never been easier to get your kids active and having fun with tennis. With equipment sized right for age and skill level, and programs for kids throughout the country, tennis is ready – and waiting – for your child!

    Kids' Tennis Clubs are designed to give students of all grade levels the opportunity to enjoy tennis in a safe, supportive, extracurricular setting.

    Ibero Academy will kick-off a partnership with our neighbor, Tennis West, by offering a NEW Tennis Club! Our older students will now be able to choose from participating in Soccer or Tennis Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Enrollment for Tennis Club at the Ibero Academy front office!

Our Mission is to provide a high quality and well rounded education by creating an ideal space in which balanced, ethical, and highly capable individuals can flourish and develop their capacity to overcome all obstacles.

• Consolidating and maintaining an institution committed to a cosmopolitan and multicultural education, without the sacrifice of academic integrity, in which the goals shared by your family and our academy can best be achieved.

• Personalized teaching in those aspects of academics, sports, culture, and spiritual education that contribute positively to the development of human beings.

• Developing our students’ abilities while respecting their individuality while cultivating in them a deep respect for human diversity in a well structured environment.

• Applying current research on multiple intelligences to classroom practice and curriculum development so that our students’ innate abilities may grow and flourish.

• Creating a safe and warm environment as we strive to meet each of your expectations.

• Optimizing the use of cutting edge technology and teaching techniques by our staff.

• Preparing our students for a full life by promoting universal values, guiding by example and using positive reinforcement, so that they may lead our society to a better future.

Our Vision is that every person involved with our institution be proud to be a part of the extended Ibero family. Proud because we are an academy dedicated to the development of students in all of their capacities through the best curriculums.

• Proud because our staff is committed to its pedagogical mission and because this is an institution where values are taught by examples, where individuality is respected,

and where we promise to deliver humans capable of achieving success at the highest levels, of living a balanced life, and of creating a brighter tomorrow.

Our students have gone on to such prestigious institutions as: Harvard Law School, Instituto Panamericano de Alta Direccion de Empresas, Rice University, The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (various locations) and many others.

A Multicultural Education.
We develop in our students a thorough knowledge and understanding of the language, cultures, and histories of the United States and Mexico. Over the course of their education our students learn to engage with a globalized world.

The Developmental Stage of a Toddler.
This stage of development is the period of the Unconscious Absorbent Mind. The toddler at this age, is like a sponge, absorbing stunning amounts of knowledge from his environment rapidly and effortlessly.

In an atmosphere of positive discipline, the opportunity exists to develop a strong and stable character, conditioning the environment for learning.

A Focus on Computer Sciences.
Computers and the Internet have transformed the way that we acquire knowledge and do business. We teach our students how best to use computers as tools and how to navigate the Internet in search of enriching information.

Mandarin Chinese.
The learning of a third language, as well as the development of an intense interest in another culture, opens doors to our students here and abroad.

An Education in Ethics and Faith.
We encourage our students to grow spiritually and ethically as well as intellectually so that their resolve is strengthened and they may live in peace and harmony.

An Appreciation for the Arts.
Music and theatre develop different sensibilities and mediums for the expression of intelligence. We offer a robust program in classical instruments and theatre.

Olympic order martial art taught in the school as a compulsory sport as Olympic Gymnastics.

Recently our students participated in the International Tournament in Fort Worth, Texas, earning top rankings in several categories, including our current instructor.

Sports are a priority at Ibero Academy. Team-work and maintaining a positive self-image are emphasized. Our offerings in this area include: basketball, soccer, and tae-kwon-do (karate).

Cultural and Academic Events.
The school year is filled with events that give students the opportunity to teach others about their own culture or learn about a new one. These activities help students develop skills in rhetoric, cadence, and correct diction.

Excursions and Study Trips.
We are committed to letting our students experience first hand what they have learned during class. Thus we continuously organize trips to places of cultural interest.

Personalized Attention.
Students are never put into groups numbering more than twenty so that teachers can give each student the amount of personal attention that he or she needs.
Parents, as our partners in education, are immediately informed about any issue regarding the academics or behavior of their child.

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Ibero Academy
is at the center of an extraordinary intellectual energy that combines over twenty years of experience and a strong foundation.

Green spaces, libraries, wireless internet, science labs, interactive classroom environments, and varied athletic facilities.

Our Staff
One hundred percent of our teaching staff is college graduated, with over ninety five percent working at the Masters level or above.

Creating Geniuses
Our students have gone on to such prestigious institutions as: Harvard Law School,Rice University,The University of Michigan.

Cultivates in its pupils a love of knowledge and respect for others, allowing innate talent to flourish.

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El Paso,Tx. 79932
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